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The First Step Towards Excellence

Initial Consultation

What is an Initial Consultation?

The INITIAL CONSULTATION is where I come to you to discuss exactly what you need designed in your home or business.

The INITIAL CONSULTATION is perfect for you if:

  • Your bedroom, living room or dining room hasn't been touched in years. You keep saying one day you are going to redo it but that day just never came.

  • Your Pinterest boards are filled with photos of beautiful homes that you would just die to have but have no idea how to make that happen.

  • You and your significant other cannot agree on a single thing design wise. You can't begin designing anything because you can't agree on a paint color let alone a sofa!

  • Your kitchen or bath looks like it was built in the 80's or worse yet the 70's and it's time to get rid of that blue or pink tile. 

  • Or you know what you want you just have no time to put it all together. 

How it works?



                        For the Initial Consultation, I come to you and we walk through the space you need help with. We will have a collaborative discussion about what exactly you need this space to do for you. I will ask you to tell me exactly what you love about the space and what you hate. You will tell me what you need the space to do for you and what, if any, pieces of furniture you are keeping.

                      You may want to bring your note pad with you because I will throw out multiple ideas as they come to me while we walk through your space and discuss different options

                       You will then walk me through the rest of your home or business so I can get a better feel for how you live and work. Then, we will sit down and discuss your specific design style, the time-frame in which you hope to complete your project and your projected budget. At the end, we will go over our Letter of Agreement in detail. This way we can continue to work together through Full Service Design and continue our Step By Step Process

Other things you need to know:

                           An INITIAL CONSULTATION is for up to 2 hours of time. All services which require in person meetings must be in the Hudson Valley New York area. 

Ready to get started! Let's do it!

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