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What is a One Day Makeover?

The ONE DAY MAKEOVER is where I come to you and redesign your room with all the things you currently own!

The ONE DAY MAKEOVER is perfect for you if:

  • You hate the way your space looks and feels but don't want to spend the money and the time it takes to purchase all new furniture and accessories.

  • You know that your furniture works and looks nice, you just don't know how to arrange it to make it look right.

  • You just bought all new furniture and don't know exactly how to lay it out with wall art, window treatments, area rug and maybe even a family heirloom. 

How it works?



                           This is where we meet at your house for up to 2 hours and you walk me through the room we are redesigning. You tell me everything you hate about the room and what you need the space to do for you.

                            For example, if you need room for five kids and three dogs to roam free or, if you host friends and family all the time and want a more conversational space. This is the time to tell me that.

                           After you tell me about your room, I will have you give me a tour of the rest of your house. (Their may be something in another room and/or closet that makes more sense to go in the room in question.)

                           Once we are done touring the house, we will sit down and make a punch list. There may be small items like curtains or wall decor that you may need to really finish off the space. This is where we figure that out. 

                            Then, we schedule another day for me to come back and do the makeover. 



                            This may be a week or two after our initial consultation. I will come back with everything from our punch list. 

                            This process can take up to 5 hours to complete. Once I am done I will call you back and show you the big reveal! Yes, even you deserve the big reveal you see on HGTV!

How much does it cost?                                     $1,550.00

Other things you need to know:

                           Paying for a ONE DAY MAKEOVER covers one room only. For instance, if your house has an open floor plan with a living room, dining room and kitchen all open to each other, the living room is one room, the dining room is one room and the kitchen is another room. We will focus our time on the room you need most help on. If you feel you need more than one room done in your house, you must pay for a ONE DAY MAKEOVER for each room and we will do this same process for each individual room.

                         This fee is for the designers' time only. We will provide you with an invoice for all items purchased, if necessary, from our punch list at the close of Day 2. You, the client, will reimburse the designer once the big reveal is done.

                         All services which require in person meetings must be located in the Hudson Valley New York Area.

Seen everything you needed to see? Ready to get started??

Book now and let's get started!

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