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Add Color to Your Life!

Color Consultation


The COLOR CONSULTATION is where I come to your home and help you decide which paint colors would work best in your space!

The COLOR CONSULTATION is perfect for you if:

  • You have paint swatches taped to your walls and it's starting to look like a collage of family photos

  • Your walls look like you tie-died them because you have painted them with about a million sample buckets and you just absolutely hate them all

  • The local paint store owner knows you by name because you have been there every day with 5 new purchases of sample paint cans for a month (or so)

  • You have never changed the paint colors in your house because you're too afraid to even look at a paint fan deck.

  • Or, if you just said, "What is a paint fan deck?"

How it works?



                           I will come to your home or office and you will show me the space you are having trouble picking paint colors for. I will have you explain to me what exactly you want the feel of this room to be. Tell me the colors you hate and the colors you love. If anything else is changing in that room, this is also the time to tell me. For instance, if you currently have a brown leather sofa but are getting rid of it and just bought a blue fabric sectional, I will need to know that. 

                           After we have gone over the space and the colors you like and dislike, it's time for me to get to work. I will have brought my suit cases of paint swatches and now is the time to play. I will pick out multiple options for your space and we will dwindle them down together. 

                          Once we have narrowed it down to one or two options, I will finish writing down my notes on what we chose and I will be on my way.




                       After the consultation, I will then email you with my notes on what we chose for your paint colors. This way you have a record of which paints go where (trim vs. wall vs. ceiling) and in what sheen you should purchase them. I will also mail you large swatches of paint for your own safe keeping. 


Other things you need to know:

                           Paying for a COLOR CONSULTATION gets you up to 2 hours of time. If you have multiple rooms you need to painted you will most likely need to purchase multiple consultations. My suggestion to you would be to purchase one to start. Choose the room that needs immediate attention and we will focus our time on that. If there is time at the end, I may be able to help with one additional room. If not, you may choose to purchase another consultation at the end of our meeting.

                         Please note, paint sample swatches may take a week or two to be mailed to you. This is out of our control. If you need them sooner, please let us know in advance so we can make attempts to get smaller swatches to you sooner.

                         Way Interiors always recommends you purchase sample cans of the paint options selected during our consultations first before hiring a painter or painting the walls completely yourself. 

                         All services which require in person meetings must be in the Hudson Valley New York area. 

Ready to get started? Let's Begin!

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