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How We Work?

Step By Step Process

What is our Step By Step Process?

We use a 15 step process to keep your project running smoothly. Here is our system laid out in an easy to follow step by step process.

Step 1: Initial Consultation with Wendy Racer

        For the Initial Consultation, I come to you and we walk through the space you need help with. We will have a collaborative discussion about what exactly you need this space to do for you. You will then walk me through the rest of your home or business. Then, we will sit down and discuss your specific design style, the time-frame in which you hope to complete your project and your projected budget.


Step 2 : Signing of Agreement, Receipt of Retainer and Commencement of Project

        At the end of our initial consultation, we will go over our 15 step process and discuss exactly what it will mean to work with us. Once you understand the 15 steps, we will then go through our contract line by line to make sure you understand our contract fully. Once we have reviewed the 15 steps and our contract, you will sign the contract and pay the retainer before I leave to begin working on your project.


Step 3: Trade Day | On-Site Measurements, Photo’s and Final Criterion Meeting

        Trade Day is where I will coordinate with all the Trades necessary to complete you project. They will need to come to your home or business in order to get acquainted with the project and give full estimates. All parties will take the necessary measurements. I will also talk with each trades-person about the different options available for your space. You can also discuss with me at this point any forgotten line items you wanted to discuss but forgot about during our initial consultation.


Step 4 : Execution Of Floor Plans and Elevations, Sourcing Fabrics and Furnishings

        After discussing all the possibilities of your space with you and the trades-people, we will get started on laying out your design plans. This includes drawing up floor plans, elevations and possibly a 3-D drawing of your space. We will select all the furniture, fabrics, finishes, equipment, etc needed. This is also where we finalize the trades-people’s scope of work so they can give us a proper estimate. This step will take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks to prepare.


Step 5 : Presentation of Estimates and Furnishings/Materials; Collection of Funds

        The presentation will show you exactly how your space will layout and the beautiful selections we have made on your behalf! I will walk you through your space through presentation boards, floor plans, elevations and possibly a 3-D drawing. We will go over the budget breakdown which will include all selections of furniture, fabrics, equipment and any estimated costs for trades-people. At the end of this meeting I will ask you to approve all items you wish to move forward with and provide funds in full for these items.


Step 6: Placement Of Orders 

        Once all the Furniture Proposals are signed and payments have been received, we will begin ordering everything we have agreed upon.


Step 7 : Review Of Budget

        This is where we sit down to review the budget. We will review all purchases made so far to ensure we are still on track.


Step 8 : Initial Construction & Renovation

        We will now start the initial construction and renovation process. All work that needs to be done before installation day will begin at this point. 


Step 9 : Installation Period Continues & Receipt Of Orders

        As products come in, they will be stored in our warehouse. They will be checked for damage and labeled for safe-keeping. Once all orders are in and checked we can then move forward to Step 10.


Step 10 : Furniture Installation & Styling

        This is the big day (or days)! Installation day is typically done in 1-3 days depending on project size. For commercial projects, we will determine when and for how long renovation and installation will take early on based on predetermined dates we have set. Depending on project size, commercial installation days can take anywhere between 3 -10 days. We will do the construction and renovation process at the same time for commercial projects. This is to make sure you are back up and running in a timely manner. 

        As tempting as it may be for you, we will ask you to leave installation days to us and our team. We will take care of everything for you!


Step 11 : The BIG REVEAL!!

        At this point, all of our hard work is done and we now get to walk through your brand new beautiful space! At the end of the walk-through, we will present to you the final invoices from any moving companies, cleaning crew, warehouse storage fees, or trades invoices. 

Step 12 : Deficiency Walk-Through 

        Although we do our best to make sure nothing goes wrong, mistakes can happen. The deficiency walk-through is where we go over any deficiencies observed throughout the installation process. Many times, this walk-through will happen simultaneously with the big reveal walk-through.

Step 13 : Resolving Deficiencies 

        After our walk-through, we will coordinate with the trades necessary to resolve any deficiencies within 14 business days. Thankfully, in most cases, Steps 12 and 13 are not necessary but if they are we have a plan to take care of them.


Step 14 : Closure Meeting & Final Invoices

        Once all deficiencies are resolved, we will meet one last time to close out your file and go over final design fee invoices. We will make sure everything has been checked off of yours and our lists and we will ask you for any feedback, reviews and referrals. We can also discuss any additional projects you wish to move forward with! Depending on timing, we may have already taken professional photographs at the end of Step 10. If time did not allow, we will schedule a date to have professional photographs taken now.


Step 15 : Presentation of Client Binder and Thank You!

        At the end of our closure meeting and upon payment in full for all outstanding invoices, we will hand you your client binder. This will include all pertinent information from your project. Furniture costs and descriptions, paint chip samples, fabric samples, and any warranties will be included in this binder. We will also keep a master book for our records. Once we go over your client binder, we will say thank you and let you enjoy your space!

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