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Let's Make Your Life Easier!


What is the Organization Makeover?

The ORGANIZATION MAKEOVER is where I come to you and organize your space for you!

The ORGANIZATION MAKEOVER is perfect for you if:

  • You are constantly fighting with your bedroom closet and it wins every time 

  • You're always buying more food for your pantry just to get home to find you already have three of them

  • It's a battle and a half to keep your kids playroom organized. They never put anything away, you can barely walk in there and when you try to put everything away, good luck trying to find all the little pieces that go with the My Little Pony set.

  • The garage has become a mismatched war zone consisting of your husbands tools, kids toy cars, bikes, kayaks and holiday decorations there is no room to even think about parking a car in there.

How it works?



                           This is where we meet at your house for up to 2 hours and you walk me through the room or closet you want organized. You tell me everything you hate about the room and what you need the space to do for you.

                           After you tell me about your room, I will have you give me a tour of the rest of your house. (Their may be something in another room and/or closet that can help aid in the organization of the space.)

                           Once we are done touring the house, we will sit down and make a punch list. There may be items like small storage bins or bookshelves that you may need to finish off the space. This is where we figure that out. 

                            Then, we schedule another day for me to come back and do the makeover.

                            After the initial consultation, I will send you an email with links to the products needed from our punch list. You will then purchase all the items from our list.




                            This may be two to four weeks (or longer depending on lead time for items purchased) after our initial consultation. By this time, all the items you ordered from our punch list have arrived and are ready for me to get started. 

                            This process can take up to 5 hours to complete. Once I am done I will call you back and show you the big reveal! Yes, even you deserve the big reveal you see on HGTV!

How much does it cost?


  • Closet or Pantry Organization

  • One Room Organization

  • Garage, Basement or Attic Organization

Other things you need to know:

                           Paying for an ORGANIZATION MAKEOVER package covers one room, one closet and one garage, basement or attic space only. For instance, a purchase of the Garage, Basement or Attic Organization package allows for one garage, one basement, or one attic. We will focus our time on the space you need most help on first. If you feel you need more than one space done in your house, you must pay for multiple packages for the spaces you need organized.

                         This fee is for the designer's time only. For larger spaces like the garage, basement or attic, materials may be needed to build shelves or things of that nature to facilitate the organization of your space. If so, an invoice will be provided at the close of the big reveal. This invoice is due at the end of our big reveal.

                         All services which require in person meetings must be in the Hudson Valley New York area. 

Know which package is right for you? Let's get organized!

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