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Who is Wendy Racer?

  Hi everyone! My name is Wendy Racer. I love designing for my clients and have been in the design world since 2007. Just as the recession began, I started my journey in interior design school. The very next year, I became an intern at a local design firm. This was a great experience and I knew I had chosen the right career path. After my internship, they asked me to continue working for them while I finished my degree. This was great! I got to experience clients from all walks of life. We worked on everything from clients who just wanted custom drapery to large senior living complexes with restaurants and pool halls and all the extra amenities you could imagine.

    As any story goes, life happens and the economy happens. I needed to find an additional job. So a long time friend and business owner offered me part time work at his martial arts school. I had no idea this would be a path I would continue on for nearly 8 years! It was the best business experience I could have asked for. During my time running that business as program director, the school grew from 125 students with one location to 400 students in the flagship school and 150 in the second school! I put my heart and soul into that business.

   I still loved interior design and remained involved with friends and family and a handful of clients but, in the end, it wasn't enough to satisfy my need to design. I considered going back to working for another firm and my great friend/boss told me I was crazy to do so. He pushed me to open up my own business. He knew I would regret it if I didn't at least try. And that's how Way Interiors was born. I could not be happier for that push out of the nest. He knew I was ready and boy was he right.

    I love my clients and am so incredibly happy to see their spaces come to life. Sometimes I think I'm happier than my clients to see the end result! I am dedicated to making sure my clients get the best results and the best design I can provide for them. Over the years I have grown a team of trades people whom I love to work with. They know how dedicated I am to my clients and giving them the best professional experience I can so they give me their best as well. It is a great working relationship.

   If working at a karate school taught me nothing else, it taught me to treat the people you work with and your clients like family. And that's exactly how I feel. Every client and trades team member is like family to me. Every one is special in their own way. And that's how it should be.

   I would love to put my passion and design ability to work for you. 

- Wendy Racer               

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