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The One Day Makeover is where I come to you to redesign your space with all the funiture you already have in your home. First, we will sit down for an initial consultation to discuss the room and what exactly does not work for you. You will then walk me through your home and I will take notes on what exactly I think should be relocated to the room we are redesigning. We will then schedule a second day where I come back and redesign the whole room giving you a Big Reveal at the end of our makeover showing you your brand new redesigned space!

One Day Makeover

  • This price includes one initial consultation and one makeover day for one room. Because I need to be in your space to redesign it, this service is limited to people in the Hudson Valley New York Area. The first meeting, the initial consultation, is for up to two hours. The second meeting, makeover day, is for up to 5 hours. Small items such as wall decor, ready-made curtains, small area rugs, etc. may need to be purchased separately to make your room perfect and complete. Such items are not included in the price. Full reimbursement of these items will be required at the close of makeover day. 

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