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Designer On Call is where you can purchase a block of time to pick my professional brain for any design related questions you might have. You can choose to use this block of time for anything like: shopping days, emailing questions regarding your renovation process, questions on what furniture to buy, quick drawings and layout options for your space, etc. 

Designer On Call - 15 Hours

  • You may choose to use this time however you like. You may choose to call, text, email or meet in person. All coorispondence need to be within normal business hours. If coorispodence are made outside of normal business hours, I will respond at my earliest convenience during the following business day. Time will be deducted in 5 minute increments. You will be updated on your time remaining every two weeks or when you have one hour remaining, whichever comes first. If at the end of your time block, you decide you need or want more time, you may purchase another package. Any in person meetings are limited to people located in the Hudson Valley Area. 

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